Born in the UK, Janet has lived in New Zealand, USA, Australia, and now the Kingdom of Wonder, Cambodia. Through her experiences of living and visiting many countries, she has been awed by the beauty of Mother Nature in many parts of the world, from deserts, mountains, and sunflower fields to coastlines rugged and serene. 

Janet’s father was a photographer, so as a young girl she was surrounded by the expression of art through the lens of a camera. It wasn’t until a personal crisis that she took up the paintbrush and palette knife and expressed her sadness and anger onto canvas. The act of painting and the release of emotions was cathartic for her. Since then, as a self-taught artist, she hasn’t looked back and paints abstracts that allow her the freedom to express herself through color, movement, and texture. “I want to capture the feeling of a scene or moment, rather than the details,she explains. This is Janet’s first exhibition.

For this exhibition, she considers what Goddess means to her. “This is an interesting topic,she muses. “Many of us may think of a mythical person, a woman of beauty, a princess. I truly believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What defines beauty? Is it the outer appearance or inner beauty and actions of kindness, empathy, and love to others? There are so many goddesses in our lives; we just have to look more closely.Her paintings of goddesses could be people that you know. 

“I believe that Mother Nature has a beauty that we can see every day. She can inspire us by embracing and giving us a peaceful heart. She can bring joy in the midst of chaos, color when the day may seem grey, and a smile under the weight of despair,she continues. Her paintings exhibited here reflect the joy that Mother Nature can bring us every day throughout the seasons of the year.

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