Randi Jane Davis has been painting for as long as she can remember. Although her commitment to art has remained constant throughout her various professional endeavours, her previous career in engineering in particular has allowed her to hone her skills as an artist, where she learned scrupulous problem-solving abilities and a keen awareness of patterns and spatial relationships.

As a painter, Davis examines objects and their surroundings, transferring her impressions onto the canvas in fluid, gestural strokes. Her work has been described as beautifully serene and tranquil, with a luminescence created by a balance of colour, light and shadow woven into each scene.

A member of the prestigious Salmagundi Art Club, The New York Society of Women Artists as well as an associate member of the Oil Painters of America and American Women Artists, Davis has won several awards throughout her impressive career while judging and curating art exhibitions. Leaning on her training as an engineer and mathematician, she analyses the patterns and natural rhythms that exist in the universe.