Hugues Bariller, a.k.a Djahan, grew up in Toulouse in the south of France. Inspired in his youth by the universe of graffiti, Djahan produced his first stencils in the 2000s. Aligning himself with the Street Art Movement, he blended stencils and socially engaged messages. His interest in travel and world cultures brought him to focalize his art on portraits and scenes of daily life.


Passionate about stencils, he developed his technique with the goal of marking the minds and spirits of the greater population, then evolving towards other supports, allowing him to present his work to a greater public. Having worked for several years as a social worker for the integration of youth from underprivileged districts and among refugees, his artwork has allowed him to find a balance with his professional life. “Making stencils is fulfilling and allows me to recenter and balance with my occupation as a social worker,” he explains. Having lived in Cambodia since 2020, Djahan is undertaking his first exhibition with Tribe art gallery. In parallel, he would like to organize Introduction to Stenciling workshops for young people, with the aim of interesting them in this art technique.

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