Nat Di Maggio

Known as Nat to his friends, Natale Antonino Di Maggio was born in the UK in 1969. Although Francesco, Di Maggio’s Sicilian father, and Emma, his mother of English-Irish heritage, did not speak the same language when they first met, Francesco won Emma’s heart over by singing to her and creating art – resulting in a large extended family where art continues to bridge cultural differences.

Demonstrating an interest in the arts from the tender age of seven, Di Maggio eventually became a freelance art curator in the UK who managed collections ranging from school art projects to Turner Prize-winning pieces. One of the most memorable experiences in his career to date was being awarded the 2016 Citizen Of The Year for a community art project in East London.

In 2008, Di Maggio and his partner of 30 years, Terry, began travelling to Southeast Asia, where they fell in love with Cambodia, her culture and her people – leading to the opening of the Tribe Art Gallery in Siem Reap in 2018. Besides nurturing, supporting and enabling both established and emerging local Khmer talent to realise their global potential, the gallery also regularly invites international artists to showcase their work, share their experiences and skills, and tell their stories. The Tribe Art Gallery represents a diverse range of artists, including those specialising in photography, fine art and street art.

As a curator, Di Maggio focuses on reflecting the state of the world through emotions, connections, opinions and reflections, while giving a voice to the artists who are heralding new directions in art. He strongly believes that art can bring people together by straddling beliefs and cultures, as it does not discriminate the poor from the rich or the young from the old. Ultimately, he sees art as a means to enlighten, inform and share stories of despair, travel, hope and above all – love.

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