Daro was born in 1991 in Kandal province. He did not become involved in Khmer art until 2006, when he began studying painting with a friend who specializes in drawing at New Future for Children. Two years after studying and researching paintings, he became interested in creating paintings on canvas. In 2008, he enrolled in Fine Arts at the Fine Arts High School for five years. He received an art diploma in 2014 for the Fine Arts section of the School of Visual Arts. In 2014, Daro pursued a bachelor's degree at the Royal University of Fine Arts as a painting student. He studied this field for a year, then requested a transfer to study sculpture.


While studying sculpture, he also studied painting with a teacher at an NGO in Takeo province during the school holidays. He graduated with a bachelor's degree on November 30, 2018, submitting as his final project a large elephant bust created from old motorcycle parts. That same year, he also participated in the first painting exhibition of the Tuol Sleng Genocide museum. In 2020, he participated in the Arts Festival of the Greater Mekong Sub-region to promote Understanding of the ASEAN community, as well as another exhibition with the Community Artist under the theme "Nature Around Us, which took place in October at the Palace Gate Hotel. His paintings of wild cows received much support from audiences and were sold out.


Since then, Daro has continued honing his craft by learning from many famous senior Cambodian artists in the country. He has also taken part in exhibitions with many other local and foreign artists and displayed many large pieces in famous places throughout Cambodia, such as Factory Phnom Penh, the residence of the British Ambassador, and so on.