Phirom  was born in 1988. He is the eldest of 11 siblings and was born in ‘Site B’ a Cambodian refugee camp on the Thai borders. He now lives between Phnom Penh & Siem Reap.

In 2009 he began working as a tour leader. His keen eye coupled with his passion for his country, its heritage and his ability to enable his guests see his country “through Khmer eyes” set him apart.

Today he works as an established commercial and events photographer. He organises and runs unique Cambodian immersive photography tours and takes time to further explore his passion for both photography and his beloved country by going ‘walkabout’.

He grew up with a father who had a passion for photography and was once again immersed in this world when surrounded by clients trying to capture their experiences. His passion returned and a truly naturally gifted photographer began to emerge.

Phirom's passion is clearly communicated through his work. His ability to connect with his surroundings and the people he encounters along the way shines through in his work.

He builds relationships, trust and a true connection with his subjects and has a natural gift to be able to capture these emotions and feelings in his work.

In his words “ I photograph with my heart, my emotion, when i feel that connection to my subject I take the picture”.