Ponleu Prom was born in 1994 in Siem Reap Province.  He loved art from a very early age and even though he didn’t understand why and lacked the opportunity to learn, he continued with his passion.

One day he discovered an art school, called “Colors of Cambodia’ in Siem Reap and took a few evening classes.  He studied and developed his art and by 2015 realised this was his calling and became an art teacher at the same school.


The main focus and heartbeat of Ponleu’s work is to breathe life into forgotten cultures, without it becoming a caricature or pastiche.  He has a strong connection with the nature around him and his beloved country, Cambodia.  His love for its countryside and the Khmer people is strongly represented in all his work.  In his world, art is his only horizon.  We welcome you to his world which is full of peace, freedom and love.



Ponleu has exhibited in group exhibitions throughout Cambodia for ten years and still greatly supports his school and all his former and current students, this is his first solo exhibition.  We are honoured he has chosen TRIBE Art Cambodia.